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Information of interest to renters :

Welcome to Condo Villa Magna Residencial.
Villa Magna Residencial is an association of private residences. As such , we do not provide concierge services Hotel or Resort .
All guests and visitors should direct their questions or problems to the owners or managers of the unit.
If you need additional assistance , our office can provide the names or phone numbers of people who provide such services. We can also assist them in :
Locating lost objects.
Location of doctors.
Receive maintenance reports .
Phones manager or owner .
Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy your stay

Dear Guest:
In accordance with the resolution of the Vigilance Committee of Villa Magna and for security reasons, as well as in order to guarantee a better relationship between our visitors and our homeowners, we hereby want to make you aware of the By-Laws that you and your companions will have to comply with during your stay inside the Villa Magna Condominiums.
By agreeing to abide by each and every one of them, you agree that you and your companions will follow the By-Laws.
If you or your companions do not follow the By-laws, you may be asked by the Administration Staff of the Villa Magna
Condominiums to vacate the facility, even if your visit is not complete. Some of the most important rules are listed below. You may also obtain a complete list of the By-Laws from the Administration Office.


1. – All children under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult at All times, the ratio of adults to children must be 1 Adult for every 4 Children
2. – No Playing, Running or Shouting in the Front Hallways
3. – No Noise after 10:00 p.m. inside and outside the Condominiums
4. – Follow the Instructions on each floor to dispose of the garbage
5. – Speed limit within the parking area is 9 miles p/hour
6. – All renters must read and sign the rules to be granted access to the property
7. – When renting a property, Visitors are not allowed
8. – For Hotel Food or beverages consumption please see Hotel personal Tel. 22-6-87-00.
9. – Do not introduce Hotel’s glassware, plasticware and crockery into the Condominium units
10. – Renters are not allowed to bring Pets.

1. – No Diving or Jumping in the Pools
2. – No Boogie Boards or Boats in Pool
3. – No Food or Drink inside pools
4. – No Glass Objects, in pool area


5. – Do not reserve chairs around the pool and on the beach by putting towels or personal items on them early in the morning, Security will remove towels from chairs left unattended for more than one hour. This policy is strictly enforced. We ask your cooperation for the enjoyment of everyone using Villa Magna.
By staying at Villa Magna Residencial I hereby agree on the behalf of myself and my companions that I know the content of the By-Laws document and agree to comply with them, we also know about the consequences of not acting in accordance with those rules and are aware that breaking them may cause fines or other actions.

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